Community Safety

As a community, knowing where crime is happening and what types of crimes are being committed is the first step in doing something about it. Together we can act on this knowledge, work together to reduce and prevent crime and help create solutions.

Community Safety and crime prevention is the cornerstone that empowers us to live in a safe and healthy neighbourhood. When we take a look at the bigger picture and we all take the necessary precautions to prevent crimes from occurring to us, the ones we love, and our neighbours, we all win. If you would like to get involved and get in touch with someone representing our community please contact our Athlone Safety Director Rachel Ironmonger at

Crimes of Opportunity

Crimes of opportunity are on the increase throughout the city; particularly in the early morning from 3 am to 6:30 am.  The most common of these crimes is checking if a vehicle is unlocked.

Most crime is opportunistic and therefore preventable. By following some straightforward advice, and working together, we can ensure that this type of crime is reduced in our community.  Some of the advice may sound obvious and rather simple, but it could make all the difference if you follow it consistently.

The following should be done each night to prevent crimes of opportunity:

  • Remove valuables and garage door openers from vehicles
  • Ensure vehicles are locked
  • Close overhead garage doors
  • Lock doors between garage and house
  • Close and lock all external doors
  • Ensure windows are shut and secure
  • Turn on exterior lights
  • Make sure backyard gate is shut and things like bikes are locked in a shed or the garage

Edmonton Police Links:

ENW LogoEdmonton Neighbourhood Watch Link

Please help your community with the bigger picture and report all types of crime:

For up to date information on what is happening in your area you can use the: Neighbourhood Crime Mapping Tool

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