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Annual General Meeting

October 21, 2020 7 pm

AGM Picture

Athlone Community League has many positions available.  We are asking our residents in the Athlone/Dunvegan area, to step forward and help fill our vacant positions.   Make a difference and help shape your community, become a volunteer or board member.

Some board members are holding many roles, maybe you have a skill or an interest to help with or take over an existing role that is already filled, come to our AGM voice your interest.  Below are some roles that are currently available.

Information Tech

Are you a motivated individual that has an aptitude for computers, are you familiar with WordPress, Microsoft programs and Gmail?  Athlone is looking for you! You would be responsible for implementing and maintaining our website, webpage and emails.  You would help by improving the look and functionality of our webpage, add Athlone newsletters to our website and any other current information or events about our hall and community.  Thank you Shane Limb for continuing to help with this role – however this role is still available to someone in our community if interested.

Community Safety

We are looking for a community safety orientated individual that is a self-starter. You would be the Athlone Community liaison between groups like Neighbourhood Watch, the Edmonton Police Service, and our Athlone/Dunvegan community.  Community Safety is an integral role keeping us in touch with our community neighbours and their concerns, then communicating them back to our board and together come up with a solution about how to keep our community safe.  Thank you Rachel Ironmonger for stepping up into this role.

Casino Director

As the Casino Director you would be in charge of organizing Athlone Community League’s licenced casino event, which happens once every 2 years for a 2 day period.  What this includes: Securing the casino event date, be in contact with the chosen casino facility to receive notifications and submit the casino package, organizing and gathering together a group of volunteers required for the casino event date awarded.  The Casino Director is very important role and how our community generates a good portion of its money. Monies generated from the casino is how our community league is able to pay for its programs; like our outdoor skating rink and our Sports Programs.  It also helps with hall upgrades and renovations needed to keep Athlone’s hall looking good and current.  Thank you Shirley Frost for continuing to help with this role, this role is also still available if anyone in the community is interested.

Program Director

If interested in this position you would facilitate programs that meet the needs of Athlone & Dunvegan residents.  Work with our Community Recreation Coordinators (CRC), Determine which programs will be offered to the community with board approval and then arrange for instructor and venue.  Work with the Grants Director to apply for suitable and available grants.  Arrange registration session and advertise the program, collect registration fees, submit and record receipts and provide financial reports for Treasurer. Also you would arrange payments to the instructors, keeping records. Arrange access to the venue with the Hall Director.  Thank you Emily Graca for stepping up and taking on this role.


In this position you would organize activities to raise funds for Athlone Community League or contact local businesses for discounts partnerships, gifts or monetary donations. Help Athlone raise awareness of our goals, events, programs and financial needs for projects we are working towards.  This role is still available if anyone from the community is interested.  

Athlone/Dunvegan Christmas Lights Contest

Do you have Christmas lights that stop people in their tracks? A Light display that Santa can see even on the coldest night? Then enter you house for the Christmas lights contest.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three ranked as Judged by the Athlone/Dunvegan Community League Board. Judging will take place on December 20th.

To enter your house, or nominate a house that blows you stockings off, contact hall@athlone.ca

Entrees will be listed on here so your neighbors can conduct their own “Light Walk”

Below are the prizes for the top 3 entries. Draw is happening on the 20th of December

225 Dunvegan Road

12831 134 Street

13729 131a Avenue

136 & 129 Avenue

12718 129 Street

12735 135 Street

13007 129 Street

12804 135 Street

13029 132 Avenue

13120 130 Avenue

13035 127 Street

12767 136 Street

12807-135 Street

12928 136 Street

Congratulations to these 3 houses
12831 – 134 Street
12928 – 136 Street
12718 – 129 Street

They have been chosen as our top 3 picks for best Christmas Lights/Display.

Thanks from all of us at Athlone Community League we really enjoyed everyone’s lights this year.

Athlone/Dunvegan Family Cookbook

Call for contributions! Are you tired of cooking the same meals over and over? Do you have a specialty or favorite family meal in your family? Send us your favorite recipes for our first Athlone/Dunvegan Family Cookbook!

Email rachel.walicki@gmail.com with your best or easiest or most fun recipes!

Athlone snowbank ice-Making has begun

Starting the process of making ice.
The ice making process is starting to take shape

Snow Angels Needed

Looking for a small group of Neighbours from Athlone/Dunvegan to help out our elderly and others who are unable to shovel their walks and driveways. Please reach out to Shane @ 780-952-3866. You must be will to get a police check. Your help is greatly needed.