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Athlone Community League was established in 1958, it is a not-for-profit organization fully operated by volunteers who live in the communities of Athlone & Dunvegan. The Athlone neighbourhood was named after the earl of Athlone, Canada’s Governor-General from 1940-46, and the Western portion of the neighbourhood called Dunvegan, after the Dunvegan Yards a railway depot that existed on the site for some 70 years.

Athlone Neighbourhood Boundary Link

We help to bring neighbours together by providing community events, recreation and social programs for its members. We develop, maintain and deliver amenities like: (ice-rinks, playgrounds, hall, etc.), and represent the community at large on matters of interest to the appropriate order of government and other organizations.

Each year in May, the volunteer board of directors for the next 12 months is elected to fulfill the requirements of the Athlone Community League, the operational needs to the community hall and to serve as the voice of the people of Athlone & Dunvegan.

The current board of directors and their position(s) are listed below.

May 2023-2024

  • President: Ron
  • Vice President: Dejan
  • Treasurer: Shirley
  • Secretary: Clarice
  • Membership Director: Laurie
  • Grants Director: Vacant
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Vacant
  • Newsletter Director: Rachel
  • Information Tech: Damaris
  • Programs Director: Rachel
  • Community Safety: Sheri
  • Area One Representatives: Shirley/Ron
  • Casino Director: Shirley
  • Fundraising Director: Laurie/Clarice
  • Equipment: Ron
  • Hall Rentals: Cyn
  • Social Director: Vacant
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